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Flood Brightness - CCF v.s. Rainbow v.s. 10 Watt 'dumb' flood

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Does anyone have any Comparisons between them ?

I have looked at spec sheets but watts doesn't = brightness across different products. lumens would technically be the value Im looking for, but no one lists that.


I have about 6 original rainbow floods, 2 rainbow flood extreme - thinking about getting some 10 watt floods and wondering how they will stack up.


It also seems like the CCF is tied up in remanufacturing till next season - So I think my choice is between the Rainbow and the 10watt 'dumb' RGB flood with a cmb-24.

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10w floods are for sure way brighter then the regular rainbow floods. I've never messed with the extreme floods because of the price.


You can get  quite a few (5 to 8 depending on ebay seller) 10w rgb floods for $119.\


Just my thoughts.

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