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Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself. I have been putting up Christmas lights for the past 5 years ever since we finally got our new house. We have been living in apartments forever it seems and never had a chance to really decorate outside. But once we moved into our first house I decided to give it a shot. 


We are on a kinda strict budget so getting started took awhile. But over the past 5 years we have accumulated a fair amount of lights. For now it has just been strings of lights around the house on the tree and around the windows. What I like most about putting up the lights is that the whole family gets involved in it. My wife and son help as much as they can but I think I'm a little more into it then they are. My son does like to throw the switch and see all the lights come on for the first time.


But as time went on I wanted more from my lights then just adding more of them. (I wanted them to dance). So after a lot of searching I came across the Light O Rama CTB16 pc controller and it blew me away. I thought this would be perfect for my display. It pretty much had everything that I wanted it to do. 


Then after looking at some of the different websites I found out these suckers cost a good couple bucks. Yes I know they are good and worth the price but for me being on a fixed income and the $250.00 and up price tag for each one is a lot. I have checked Ebay and the prices there are almost just as much as a new one from the website. I know they are worth the price and I would happily pay it if I could.

I just for once wanted to make this year a little more special. I wanted to be the house that people actually drove by and stopped to watch the display, that's the happiness I get out of it when I put up my display and see the excitement and smiles from all the people that see my display.


That's why I have come here. I have read many posts from people on this forum and the majority of everyone seems genuine. So I have come here to ask if anybody has a Light O Rama CTB16 pc that they are not using or they want to get rid of. I'm not asking for a hand out I am willing to pay for it I just can't pay for a new one or the prices they want on Ebay. So if anybody could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.


Thanks for your time,



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Welcome to the hobby!  There are a few ways to do this hobby for less then full price.  Going DIY with some components can help.  An assembled card is just over $150.  You add the enclosure, the supply cards, and the dongles, but you can add those yourself for less using SPT cord and vampire plugs.

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I don't have any spare controllers, but If you want to order the kit its 104.95 - I'll solder it together for you. Then you just have to add the other stuff noted above - 20 vampire plugs for 12 bucks, and can probably find 2 male plugs around the house.

The enclosure can be whatever you want.  (that's ridged and safely contains high voltage. )


You should be able to do the CTB16PC kit for about 120.00


But I have to warn you - A cheap hobby, this is NOT.

Quite the opposite. It grows and grows - (but you still need extension cords, software, usb adapter, extension cords, 100ft of cat5,  just a couple more lights, more cords)


I'm pretty sure my first year I budgeted about 200 for miscellaneous stuff (after I already had controller and lights) I know I spent at least 350 before I had the show "up"

The first year mostly taught me about all the stuff I needed to do over the next 8-10 months.  


If you would like me to solder up a kit, send me a PM.

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Thanks gizmomkr for your offer to help. I hopefully don't have to go that route because I have been talking to someone that says they have a controller that they are willing to sell to me.

Hopefully everything goes well because I am running out of time on getting one.


Thanks again.

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Initially, though you may not want to hear this, you could look into a Mr. Christmas unit for this year and budget for upgrading hardware next year.


In either event, welcome to the madness! :)

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