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saved tool disappeared!

Eric walls

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So I in the SE editor I was using the color fade tool to add a color to my RGB floods.  I used the hardware utility to adjust the red, green, and blue to get the color I wanted and made a note of the values. Then I went into the color fade and added that as a custom color.  I used that color several times and put it under my "saved tools" so I can go back to that exact color.  On a different sequence I used that same color and this time all I had to do is select on the saved tools and there it was.


Now today I opened the SE and that saved color was gone!  Nothing in my saved tools!  What gives??  Is that color saved only for a limited time?


I went back into my sequence and had to note the color values, create the color with the color fade, and then save it again. I hope I don't have to do this every time I want that color. This is why I put it under my saved tools.


Did I do something wrong or is this just a part of how that software works?  I have a few colors I use and want to be able to have quick access to them.



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