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API? SDK? A sore subject but need some clarity...


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I know this topic of an SDK or API has probably been kicked around ad nauseam for years but I need some clarity to make some decisions...


Is there any possibility there will ever be an API, SDK or even a component that developers could use to control the LOR panels?


I've always built my own stuff from the ground up.  Having discovered LOR for the first time a few years back, I like the Hardware.  I'd like to do more...  I wish I could take control of the panels via my own software as well as use the LOR software.  I am working on some products (Halloween specifically) along with our own software for these products.  It would be great not only for our own seasonal haunt to use the LOR panels for lighting and prop control, but I'd love to be able to control it via our software and recommend LOR as a solution for lighting control.


If there is no possibility there will ever be an API, SDK or other componenent, we'll need to look into designing our own lighting solution to move ahead with our plans.


Hoping to get some clarity from the powers that be.

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You always have the choice to use the LOR hardware in DMX mode. There are several SDK / API for DMX. Even better if you would go the e1.31 route - which is DMX over Ethernet...


Only thing you lose are the built in effects. But they can be emulated in DMX.

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@JerseyTechGuy -


I justed posted a similar question (first time asking THIS year...) in the "general Information" section.


I have a feeling we (and a few others on here) are looking for the same thing ~

Being able to use the effects that LOR provides to Christmas (and similar) lighting, while actuall triggering / syncing / controlling from other software packages.


Unfortunately, my last few times I've gotten basically the same answers ~

Just use the LOR controller as a DMX dimmer (which IMHO totally negates the reason for having LOR to begin with - might as well just buy cheap DMX dimmer packs off of ebay), or rig up something to activate the external trigger inputs (which is what I do now ~ VERY clunky!)


I would hope that the developers see the wisdom of supporting some sort of interface that would link the LOR system with the rest of the world!!

Truthfully, I think it would be a plus for the users, and possibly open up markets for the LOR team!!

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