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Any chance future versions of the LOR will sync with other software?

Randy R

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I know this has been asked a time or two, and keep hoping the answer will change -

Any chance future versions of the LOR software will sync directly with, or can be triggered directly by, other software?


While LOR is no doubt GREAT at what it does with Christmas Lights, there are other software programs readily available that do a much better job of handling programming requirements of DMX fixtures and (especially) lasers.  In many cases, it would be MUCH more suitable for some of these other software packages to act as the show "master controller", with the LOR system responding to triggers from the other software, or using time code to sync timelines between the software packages.


Many mainstream media-control software packages - and not just the expensive "pro" stuff - will sync directly with other media-related software and hardware via MIDI or SMPTE time code, without requiring anything more than an ethernet connection between computers.  In fact, most computers these days could easily run multiple software packages simultaneously, and sync internally without any requirment for external hardware to act as an interface link between the packages.


Even without timeline sync, just the addition of the ability to trigger LOR sequences from MIDI note triggers would be a HUGE improvement in interoperability between LOR and other software packages, and IMHO would ultimately open up the LOR system to use by an even wider audience.


I know this is "doable" now, in a clunky, round-about way ~

I run Pangolin laser control software, Enttec DMX lighting control software and LOR simultaneously on the same laptop.

The Pangolin software can send MIDI triggers directly to the DMX lighting software to trigger DMX fixtures sequences as needed.


To trigger the LOR software on the same computer, the Pangolin software has send a MIDI trigger to an external MIDI interface, which in turn triggers an external MIDI relay, which connects to and closes the external trigger circuit on the LOR controller, which sends the signal back to the LOR software on the same computer to trigger the next sequence.  Whew!!  Clunky, and WAY too many additional failure poiints added to the loop!!


SO -

Any chance MIDI trigger or time code sync might be avaialble in future versions?  :)

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Actually, once you learn how to program the different software packages, linking them together is not that difficult ~

Everything except LOR can be made to "talk" to each other with just a few mouse clicks.


The extra hardware routing required to link the LOR, however, does get a bit tedious and cumbersome... :mellow:

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There may be some software things to try.    Changing the show file is immediately detected by show player.  Maybe you could eliminate the relay.   MIIP does this and is very stable, but its not sync'd with other software.

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