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Assigning Channels For a 15 Ribbon RGB Tree


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I think I have seen the answer I want before, but after searching for two days and not finding it, I have ended up here (which is probably where I should have started!!)  LOL


I have a 15 ribbon Tree (NOT LOR CCR's) but 50 pixel ribbons.


Is there not an easy way to assign the 2250 channels (either in the LOR Sequencer or Superstar)?


I need it to start with Ribbon 1 with an ID of Universe 2 Channel ID 1 thru Ribbon 15 and ending with Universe 7 Channels ID 210 (if I did the math right...probably not). So each universe gets it max 512 channels.


Simple request??


Can it be done with a few button clicks?


If not within LOR, perhaps a 3rd party software...like Smart Pixel System (tried it, but haven't had any luck).


Or Nutcracker???




Thanks...I don't want to have to individually address 2250 channels...



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Vegomatic. itsmebobo did a program that will load that many in a few mouse clicks. harrison0550 did a video on how to accomplish it. Let me see if I can find the post.


Here's one of the links:    http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/30960-6-tips-for-large-channel-count-sequencing/#entry285321


and here's the video on how to do it:   

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Yep, I have that same t-shirt. Just can't remember where I put it.

Andy lives here in TN and I see him a couple times per year. He's got some really good vids on his page.

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dang..can't get it to work...get this error message whren trying to import it into the LOR sequencer 


invalid procedure call or argument

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never mind..I guess I was trying to import it before vegomatic was completely done doing whatever it does to create the lcc

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How can I add CONTINUOUS dmx channels say for 24 strings? Not a dmx universe per string? Is there a easy way to do this????

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