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Spider web Visualization

Ron Boyd

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Do you have the visualization for the 16 ft Spider web you did awhile back? Is it in the Superstar Software? Will it be in the next release?


I was thinking of doing that for next year. I'm getting together a Singing pumpkin for this year, but there's no way to get a spider web done for 2014.




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The visualization for the spider web is included in each of the two sequences that I have for the spider web. I sell the spider web with numbers on the web where you need to attach the CCPs. It is available on my web site at www.spiderwebman.net

Click on the "Purchase" link on the right side. The web for the CCPs is at the very bottom of the purchase page



A diagram and description of the web is on www.superstarlights.com 

Click on "200 CCP spider web" on the left side of the page.

The sequences for the spider web are on www.superstarlights.com  They are at the bottom of the video page and the bottom of the purchase page

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