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LET IT GO Sequence-Not Mine/Haven't Got the song!


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Folks keep PM'ing me for the "Let It Go" sequence.


I'm sorry folks, I do not know how you came up with I have done this piece.  I haven't.  I don't have the sequence, never created one.  I don't own or have the music, have never even heard the song myself.


If I had created such a sequence, it would be in my sequences collection online.    If you don't see a specific sequence in my online collections, then I have either never created it, or have never heard the music to even see if I wanted to create a sequence for it.


It's just I keep getting asked {inundated with requests} so often for it in PM's, I needed to get this out publicly.


I have no idea who has created this particular sequence that so many want, but whomever has done it, I hope they will chime in here so you folks seeking it can hopefully get it from them.


Thank you.


p.s. I only can check in here about once a month, so I won't see any responses, if any, to this posting until some time in November.


Believe me, if I had it, it'd be available!

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