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Shut Up and Dance With Me


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Has anyone sequenced this song yet? Actual song title is Shut Up and Dance and it is by Walk The Moon. My wife's rapidly becoming addicted to it.


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hey fire dude is it in the file I sent to you... Maybe I did it after I dont remember.. if its not let me know I will send the updated file..

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hi Old Sarge

If your still offering would love a copy of Shut up and Dance

I might be biting a bit more than I can chew but like to see what I can do with it    lol

Thanks Ian

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Sorry all.


This probably will not be posted but due to someone complaining about something I said that he didn't like a few months ago...

I no longer share anything but you can find things for sale on EBay.. This is not a forum which believes in free speech.. and This probably will not be posted so i am forwarding it to many of the e mails I have got from people...   

Maybe if I am aver taken of the MODERATOR WATCH LIST I may share things again like I did in the past..


after over 1,400 posts I get cried about for a post I did..


Edited by Old Sarge
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I'm really sorry to hear about that Sarge.

It's a shame that happened and don't blame you. You have provided some wonderful sequencing and your work and sharing of it will be greatly missed.

I hope you can stick around and share your wisdom and your input on future posts.

Thanks again for all you did for us buddy,


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Come on guys... Sarge is good member and does not deserve to be frowned upon like that.

Remove him from the watch list so he can start sharing his knowledge. If it was not for him... i would have never understood any of the editor's functions. He truly is a huge help to the LOR community.

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