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In my previous life, Mr. Evanier's name popped up a couple of times during production meetings, and I started to read his blog.  Mr. Evanier and I have even emailed a couple of times.  Nice guy.  


One of today's posts hit home.  I too ran a BBS for many years, and had to do many of the same things.  In fact, some around here still have to do them.  


Take the time to read his latest post linked above, but do me one favor:  Everywhere you see the word 'Writer' change it to 'Christmas Decorator'.  Amazing, isn't it?


According to the last line in the article, there will be a long story posted tomorrow about one of the happenings.  Without having seen it, I will guarantee that if we once again change one of the words from 'WhateverMarkWritesAbout' to 'Christmas Decorator' it will apply.


Even if you don't agree with that post, his blog is a great daily read.  I recommend it.


Season is here, and things are getting busy.  Please take a minute before pressing that 'Post' button --  Don't make a moderator hate his job.

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Boy oh boy, been there, done that.

My worst night mare was when I got a call from an attorney.  They had found my name and phone number from my web site registration.

There was a post about the ethics, credibility, parentage, etc. of their client.  They said if I didn't delete the post, they would start litigation against ME!

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I used to manage a web server where we allowed a volunteer to host selected archives of a usenet group. I had someone reach out to me demanding that we remove something he posted to usenet from the archive, and threatening action if we didn't remove his post. Never mind that they were his own words he origionally posted to the internet.

I told him that while I could remove the copy local to the server, he needed to contact the archive maintainer, because he did not edit the file locally, but simply uploaded a copy of the complete archive periodically, and if he did not reach out and get the archive owner to remove it, it would come back.

Sure enough, a few months later, I get the same call threatening legal action. I reminded him that we don't own the content in question, and that I told him to contact the owner for a permanent fix. I also told him I would edit the local copy this one more time only. And that if he did not work it out with the content owner, next time we would be billing him for all our time wasted editing content on our servers to remove this one copy of his own words he posted to usenet himself.

Shockingly, I never heard from him again.

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The first modem I used didn't even support Hayes commands. It was a 300bps acoustic coupler.

Of course I skipped the 56K modem generation. I think my last modem was 28.8, and my next set up was a 128kps dial on demand ISDN. I think I still have the Cisco router from it around here somewhere.

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