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DMX/no DMX? Dongles.....lost.


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I have, between a gift and purchase, 3 LOR controllers. I have mapped out, I have created, I have changed my mind and had to start all over. Now, I have purchased a 27 channel RGB controller and have 5 strings of RGB dumb lights that I want to incorporate into my light show.


Do I need to have a dongle to operate this new controller? I saw a photo where I can go from the laptop to the 485 to the RGB controller to the LOR controllers. The 485, I think its called that, came with my first LOR controller in the starter package.


Not real great with technology and my IT person, my wife, is in need of a support group with all the time I have spent programming. Any help here would be greatly appreciated for this newbie.

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Lots of posts on dmx in the dmx section.

Bottom line, yes you need a dmx dongle or e1.31 dmx controller. You could also get an iDMX from LOR.

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