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1.6.9 Problems


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I upgraded from 1.6.1 to 1.6.9, started show

it runs fine, but only runs once


I am confused, it ran fine with 1.6.1 but as soon as i upgraded its not...


Am i doing something wrong?

Checked to see if it was the sequence not stopping, but its not!?
everything stops and runs fine, just it only plays once

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What does the status window show when the first pass of the show finishes (e.g. "playing show", "next scheduled show...", whatever...)


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Do you have multiple sequences in the show? Does it play all the sequences then stops"

In what sections of the show do you have sequences: Background/Startup/Animation/Musical/Shutdown?


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I was having a problem where my show would just die, never the same spot and never the same amount of time since the show intially started. After kicking the dog , yelling at the wife and pulling my hair out I think I figured out the problem. Anyone got any extra Rogaine?

Appears that I did not have my systems screen saver turned off. Everytime the system would try to go into screen saver mode, it would cause the pc running LOR to lose connection to the control boxes and never recover. The control panel would still show the show as running though.

I tested two different fixes and both seem to fix the problem.

1.) Turn off the monitor, or
2.) Disable the screen saver and while you are at set the option to never have your hard disk drive power off when idle.

Not sure if this is the same problem you are having, but I thought i would share it and possibly save you the same frustration I was feeling for th past several days.


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Nope screensaver is off!?

I am completely stumped!

never had this problem before i updated to 1.6.9

Good Thought though, Thanks for trying!

:]P.S. Wal-Mart had a sale on Rogaine, I belive 2 for 1, Good Deal, As far as the wife goes cannot help there, LOL:]

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