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Thanks to Drew Hickman I'm roll'n with RGB's...woot!


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I purchased some RGB's firepix smart strings two years ago from Holiday Coro. I am not a computer programmer but I thought, "How hard can these RGBs be?". Well the programming in the LOR software wasn't too hard but setting up the hardware....oh my goodness I didn't know where to start. I watched all of David's videos and I got some info but it was too generic to help me with the little knowledge of computers I had to do it properly.  So after 2 years of looking at those lights I decided to call the best in the business and those lights were going up this year if it killed it me. So I called Drew Hickman of Holiday Technology. Drew trained my husband and I to use LOR a few years ago in Dallas and he was patient, extremely helpful, and did I say patient.....LOL.  I knew if anyone could help me he could, so I put a call in to him. He returned my call within 20 minutes. He went over my semi correct set up with me, he had me make some adjustments to the hardware, then he went into my computer and adjusted the dmx settings and set up 4 universes and had my RGB lights dancing the way they should. We had all this done with him in Kansas and me in Texas in less than an hour....WOW!  I just want those of you who want to try RGB lights to know .....you do need some computer tech knowledge and if you don't (like me) you do have a friend out there willing to help...... Drew Hickman of Holiday Technology. By the way.... he didn't want to charge me anything but I insisted and he reluctantly charged me a nominal fee in my opinion. Thank you Drew for taking care of this little Mom and Pop Light Show in Groom, Texas.  You totally ROCK!!!!

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