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looking for a couple sequences for my wife,,

Old Sarge

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does anyone happen to have Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple preferably 32 channel or something I can adopt for it, Monster Mash ( old version) Haunted House (old version) and possibly Ghost Riders( Johnny Cash version).


or short version of Light My Fire and or In a Gadda Da Vida Short version for the adults at a party..




I am still learning and playing with making sequences to... just got my LOR order in yesterday.. now playing with it..





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Aerosmith, deep purp, Clapton, creedence... had to beat the legends...Right on Indi.... old 70's rock was the best I think when it comes to really ROCKINNN OUTT!!! Iron Butterfly, ZZ top, Chicago, Creedence, Aerosmith, Cream, Kansas, Led Zepplin, etc. etc. I could add a lot of others..... ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOCK OOOONNNNNNN!!

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