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XLR to RJ-45 adapter not forking with LOR

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I just purchased my first LOR controller!  :D


Anyways. I received the controller, pieced it together, and got a nice flashing red light! Excellent! So, before I purchased, I had done plenty of research on the LOR and everything about it. I found out that all LOR's accept DMX-512 Natively! Aint' that awesome!?!


Coming from a stage lighting background, I loved the idea.


Reading further, I found that Light-o-rama has their own guide to making an XLR to RJ-45 patch cable to run DMX signal to your LOR.




I followed the instructions EXACTLY, even checking continuity on each pin when I was done. I even created the crossover version of the patch cable like listed in the .pdf. And still, no cigar. :(


I can't figure out why this doesn't work. Is there a different way of doing this? are the pins wrong? Whats the issue here?


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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Okok, Sorry everyone. I figured it out. The board is not compatible with DMX input. Oh well.



That is incorrect.  All of our boards will accept DMX input.  Please open a trouble ticket so we can figure out what is wrong.

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I also come the theatrical and DMX world.  The DMX wiring directions is for the older non G3 controllers.  LOR uses the center 2 pins (4,5) of the RJ45 for DMX with reverse polarity. The standard for DMX on RJ45 is PIN 1 and 2 on the RJ45.  the G3 controllers have jumpers to swap to the pin 1,2 standard.   the Adapter wiring as shown will work if the jumpers are in the LOR position


I use both older controllers with the new firmware and G3 controllers with DMX.   Cpoint make a molded 3pin and 5pin to RJ45 adapter the works perfect when the controller is in DMX mode






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