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Is it possible to merge channel configurations?

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Vegomatic will allow you to merge a new CCR configuration into an existing channel template.  It won't merge existing template to existing template however.  I have found it very helpful to use it in this manner.

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If your CCR config is the first 57 channels, you can merge them with a little trick.  (make sure the CCR config is the first channels and there is nothing else (or copy the sequence and delete the other sequence items). Save the sequence and the configuration with some name you find.

open the sequence you want to receive the CCR stuff.  Add 57 channels of CCR (RGB) to the TOP of the layout. 

You should end up with 57 blank channels at the top.

Import the configuration from the  CCR only file.

All channels below the imported file will be left alone and only the tip channels will be effected. 

Save the new configuration

Copy and past sequence data from the old to the new !

USE ONLY copies until you have confirmed all went as expected.

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