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Tons of bad pixels on strips


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Hello everyone! I'm depressed. I am currently checking on my pixel strips from last season and there are a ton of bad pixels. Most of the time the red is out on say 10 of 100 pixels per string. I have 2801 strips from Ray and don't remember nowhere near this amount of bad pixels while taking them down. Also, why is it that red seems to fail first? Not sure what to do. I'm not loving pixels strips at the moment...

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This was discussed several times last year. Seems that our little friends over the pond rated these strips to work on 12VDC. But in actual usage, one has to tone down the voltage to more like 10.5 volts. The reason red fails more often is that it takes less voltage to turn on the red LEDs. Red is like 2.2V and blue and green is more like 3.4V. Again the engineers screwed up on the resistors that they put on the strips. This also holds true for the WS2011 chips with the SMD 5050 LEDs. Could always get some premium LED strips from someone like WWW.SUPERBRIGHTLEDS.com. But they are rather pricey. But the quality is there. Kind of like that old saying about you getting what you pay for. Oh and they are here in St. Louis so I would think shipping is cheaper and you can call them and speak with someone with good english.

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