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Triggering Animated Prop With LOR


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Hi All,

It's me again with another crazy question...

So it's Halloween time and the imagination is running wild. My wife and I started our Halloween setup today. One of our new props is an animated witch that we received as a gift. Anyway, the witch has a sensor when someone walks by it "does its thing".

So what I would like to do is find a way to have LOR trigger the witch so she will "cast her spells" on demand. Is there a way to do this? I will have to check the power supply to find out what the operating voltage is so you guys can better assist. I'll update this post tomorrow with that info. But if you've got suggestions I would appreciate it.



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Thanks for the link. Looking at the input pup it seems to be a board to add a trigger (push button, sensor, etc). What I would like to do is remove the built in sensor from the witch and command the witch from the LOR sequence (a simple on/off command is what's in my head)

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