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Saving File, getting pop up, need help.


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We are late in the game for this so we cheated an ordered our very first LOR sequences/faces/controllers from Wow Lights. We got the sequences so far and they are amazing! There are a few minor things that I wanted to change (like I wanted the eyes to blink while the faces sang for example.) So I made the adjustments and went to save the file and this is what I got:


This sequence was saved using an earlier version of LOR. The newly saved file may use features that the earlier version of LOR will not be able to use.


Are you sure you want to save the file?


I'm using v3.11.2 Advanced and I guess Wow lights are using an older version.  Should I save or am I going to mess up this whole sequence?




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Save it.   You still have the original if you need it.  But you wont need it.  This message is telling you that you that may not be able to open the sequence using the old version of LOR sequence editor it was created with.  You dont have that version so it wont be an issue. 

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