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Jeff Messer

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Last night I fired up the machine and hit the sequence editor. I got an error so I restarted the computer to see if this would clear. I test and work sequences every weekend. Yesterday malwarebytes ran and i deleted everything it found. So issues came up with LOR. I uninstalled LOR 3.11.2 and downloaded it from the website. When I hit install it reinstalled in a few seconds. All my files are back, network config is correct and music is back and everything plays. I have not tested on lights yet but has anyone seen this issue? Did it just repair the software? Dont want to wait until the last min and have issues.



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Nothing that I ever heard of in any version upgrade. it sounds to me like an isolated incident. Sometimes firewalls and anti-virus software can affect installations. Could very well be that the second time everything went fine. If it is working now, the best advice I can give is run with it.

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I had this happen when I first started up the software in July after my 2013-2014 show, so far so good nothing has gone wrong, I have also sequenced about 4 new songs and it still works as if it was the original download. All the original content that you made before you reinstalled it is saved to your computer so when you reinstalled the program these saved files just plug right back in to where they were.

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