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"Frosty" The Jack Frost Band_16 x 50 Pixel tree sequence

Ron Boyd

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Here's a Blues version of a classic and my 2014 sequence. The video is a bit choppy, but it's not when watching in the SS Sequencer. Everything is done in the SS Editor.


Hope you like it.


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That was great. How did you configure the spiral effect? I've been tring to figure that out for sometime, but can't get it right. Did you use a morph or some other function?



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Wow Ron! That's cool. Love your guitar. Is that nutcracker in the sequence?

If so how do you import to S.S. ?

Five star thumbs up!

No Nutcracker. The RGB Spirals at the beginning and end are a whole slew of morphs. I mean a ton. The original sequence did have a Nutcracker in those spots, and I do admit, it's easier to create it in NC. But, I like seeing my whole sequence in the SS Editor. Thanks to Mr. Moody for creating the first one to get me off of my duff and actually try to re-create a Spiral like NC. There's a little more element control in NC, but the effect exports just like the NC, but it's all Superstar.


Now, being the nice guy that I am, here is the file for the Spirals that Bob made and the ones I did: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2pm3slso38r20d8/180_RGB_Spiral.sup?dl=0

I hope you don't mind Bob

Ron  Great job  see you in a couple of weeks at the fall mini.

Will do. Be safe driving up

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