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I'm building a 16' mega tree and was wondering what type of lights people are using and what spacing? (spacing on the string itself)

I was thinking about a C6 or C7 LED String, Does that sound right? Also what should the bulb spacing (on the string) be? 4" 8" ?? I see several different bulb spacing's for sales,

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C6 is the most popular. At least from what I have seen and is what I have only used.

Spacing could be 8" or a little more is good. Tighter the better but what ever you can afford.

Because you can see thru the mega tree (seeing the back half of strands), spacing is forgiving when needed.

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The spacing needs to be even, assuming you are going all the way around. Height isn't as important as the circumference of your base ring or however you are attaching the strings to the ground. Also, the spacing is obviously based upon the number of strings you are using. Then simple calc for circumference is diameter in feet times 3.14 will give you the circumference, divided by the number of strings. Example of spacing on a 16 foot tree, 8 foot diameter, 32 strings = 9.42 inches spacing.

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