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Got a brainbuster here!


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Ok, I tried to attach a video, but it is too big. I'll try to explain my problem. Picture it....

I have four RGB bulb trees controlled by two controllers (Trees 1&2 controlled by controller 7) (Trees 3&4 controlled by controller 8).

Ok, so I have my music and sequence going on sequence editor and I'm watching the trees light up.

      Here is the problem: When Tree 3 comes on Tree 2 turns on as well (Tree 2 is not suppose to turn on). Now before anyone says check control configuration, I have. In fact, I have deleted the controllers, refreshed them through the hardware, put them back into a new controller configuration and it does the same thing. 

       Now get this.  I create a new sequence with my newly saved control configuration.  First, I turn tree 3 on for a few seconds at fade, then turn on Tree 2 a few seconds at fade,  then back to a fade of tree 3.  When I play the sequence, tree 2 did not turn on with Tree 3. Great! However :_(   When I put several fades in a row of Tree 3, that is when tree 2 turns on with it.

       I have tried two other controllers and it did the same.  I hope I explained it well enough. Wish I could post a video.

Anyone able to help?????


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Simple thought, did you set the individual addresses on the controller cards correctly? DUH, never mind, you said you can turn on tree 2 and 3 doesn't turn on but when you turn on 3, 2 comes on as well.

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Don, you were right. I overlooked the one step of "Dual Normal" when configuring the CCB. I put them on Normal and it seemed to do the trick for now. If you have a Staples "easy" button go ahead and hit it.  This newbie appreciates your help. Thank you.

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Don has probably experienced every possibility that comes up, I'm very much still a newbie in this hobby and learning myself from people like Don and so many others here.

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