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3 Axis Skull Kit


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I know Halloween is getting closer every day, but I ran into a question. I figured somebody with animatronic expertise could help me on this one.

Okay so anyone know where you can still buy 3 axis skull kits? And are there any that don't include the skull?

I'm in the process of making an animatronic Jack Skellington, but am a little lost on where to buy the supplies for the head motions. I'm making the head right now, so I guess even if I can't get the animatronics done in time I'll still have the rest of the prop ready for Halloween. Any help is very much appreciated.

Thank you

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I had never heard of the "3 Axis Skull kits" before your post. Silly me, I built my own tilt/rotate movement device for my Christmas animatronic head functions. Totally different approach. But then, I'm brand new to this environment. 


After searching for this online, I found the Triaxial Skull Kits fromTriaxial Skull Labs (triaxialskulllabs.com) do not seem to be available right now. (Store is closed)


My heads are Styrofoam heads, and not hollow, so I built a 2 axis head movement (could be 3 axis) that mount in the neck area that provides L/R and U/D movements but not side to side tilt. They work well except I used under sized servos due to inexperience that I've had to replace a couple times.  Thanks for the different POV on this. Next year I may change how they work.  Could possibly build my own parts for the same thing.



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