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Virtual Santas

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George:  not exactly on point but i did run Santa Symphonies on LOR.   No reason the same couldn't be done with virtual Santa.   I took the video from the Symphonies(sectioned out the different sections that had different beats) and deleted the audio,  overdubbed the audio from the music I sequenced to, (cut and pasted the video to match the song length using the video section that matched the music beat) onto the video.  Then used the new video file as the media for the sequence.  

Projection looked like Santa was directing the sequenced songs and the beats matched just fine.

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George, I run Virtual santa thru Lor and added a sound track to it thru Audacity. I have the video playing via  LOR as a regular sequence.I'l be home tonight after 6 if you still need any help just send me a PM....

This is the Video and how it looks


http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/videos/view-463-carol-of-the-bells-medley2012/ check video 2

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