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change unit cmb24


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Hello there 

I present you my setup 

two boxes CTB16PC 

two cmb24 map 

s3 basic plus software 

I encounter a problem of number of unit 

both boxes have the unit number 01 and 02 

not change the number of cards unites cmb24 

it says address not found and it remains in unit 01 

Can you help m 

desolated for my English I translate with google 

thank you

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Make sure only 1 controller is connected to the computer. Open the hardware utility and make sure you can find that controller.


Now try to change the Unit ID of the controller. 


Question - When do you get the error message?


We have some members who speak French. You may want to repost in French, so they might see it.

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I dont have a CMB24, but wondering if it is not like its little brother the 16 channel units? I am thinking all of the DC cards are hardware address set not software, no?

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You may be right. I know you *can* set the address via software on the Showtime Pro, but it would revert when the device loses power.


I'd bet that this is what's going on here. I remember dip switches on the CMB, but I don't have them with me to check.

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Im no pro by any means, but I think I just did what you're wanting to do on the cmb24 the other day, you have to change the unit number using the dip switches. ..the list of what switches to have on and off to set to "x" unit are in the back of the manual.

But if you are only going to use those two controllers you can just leave the cmb24 set to its default unit 1, and change the 16pc to unit 2 in the hardware utility and assign the channels accordingly in the sequence.

But again im pretty new to this stuff, I could be steering you in the wrong direction.

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Copied from the Manual:


Use the Unit Address Switches to set the controller’s LOR/DMX network address. DIP switch positions 1-9 CMB24D set the address. Refer to the DIP Switch Address Settings section for the mapping of your desired LOR/DMX address to DIP switch settings. Legal LOR Network unit IDs are ‘01’ to ‘F0’ hexadecimal, in decimal that would be 1 to 240. Legal DMX Network start addresses are 1 to 511 decimal.


for the Dip Switch settings.

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From I remember reading. DMX Channel would be on board h01 channels 1-16. DMX Channels 17-32 is on board h02 starting with channel 1 = 17 and ending with channel 16 = 32. Next board would be h03 with channels 33 to 48. Max board addressing is h20. But using a 24 channel board will channel that scheme a bit. There is some info on the LOR site. This is where I read this in the past year. Playing around with the idea to switch over to DMX addressing so I can run all of my communication on E1.31 and IP protocol.

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j ai essayer de comprendre le changement des commutateur dip 1a 9

quand je branche ma carte,je vais ensuite dans le hardware

je fais un refresh et sa me trouve la carte 01-cmb24d ver1.02

quand je fais un changement d unit de 01 a 02

sa me dit unable to change unit id,please retry

je clique sur ok et je recommence

et la sa me dit unable to locate to change adress,check connections and power

je vous precise que j ai 2 cartes et que les 2 font parielle

quant je branche mes boitiers  CTB16PC  

dans le hardware, j ai 01-cmb24d   03-ctb 16 et 04 ctb 16

mais impossible d installer la deuxieme carte 

toujours reconue en 01-cmb24d ver 1.02

merci pour votre aide et vos reponses 

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j ai compris le fonctionnement pour changer l adresse

ma premiere carte cmb24 est en unit 01

ma deuxieme carte cmb24 est en unit 02

mon premier boitier ctb16 est en unit 03

mon deuxieme boitier ctb16 est en unit 04

merci pour votre aide



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