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Cmb24 and dumb strips...


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Ok....got my new cmb24 board found and working on the s3 advanced software. Hooked the dumb strips up....run the test and all colors are a light blue color but the last 3...they are 2 green and one red. It is not the strips because they turn the light blue when plugged into the output that is I assume the right one...light blue. It has to be the dip switch or the board. First I guess the first question is all strips are the same color on the test config when all on...correct...then the next question is the dip came with 9 up but config could not find board.So I searched and found someone who got it working with 1 and 9 up...the config found the board with these dip settings. Any suggestions? It is now 11:30 on a Sat night and my life has come to this...lol...I am that guy that will now have a beer and go to bed tossing trying to figure out what it could be. Thanks in advance!!!

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I am assuming you are using the hardware utility to run your test. Second assumption is that what you describe as light blue really is a bright bluish white. can you confirm both of these assumptions?

Since you confirmed that the strips work correctly on known working outputs of the CMB24, we can assume that the strips are working correctly. Can you verify that you you wired up the strips correctly to the board?

BTW, although it is now Saturday (your time), when you posted your message, it was Friday evening. Don't cut your weekend short!

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If you go here


and on page 7 and 14 it tells you what to do.  In the hardware utility do a check by using the slide bars.  You can check each channel one at a time to make sure you have the Red Green Blue properly connected and in the proper order.   Slide bars 1,4,7,10, 13, 16, 19, 22 should make lights turn red.  2  5  8  11  14 17 20  23 should be green. Hopefully you get the picture. 


How exactly are you turning on the lights?  In the SE or in the control panel?



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Ughh...well thank you soo much for the replies....pretty sure it was a freshman mistake. The hardware utility found the board and of course i was testing the board and dumb strips on the test utility...but....the test utility in hardware fig had 16 channels to test so when i turned on all lights all lights button 16 channels came on which I am used to...well of course the cmb has 24 (8) rgb.  So it wasn't showing the other channels.  Anyway off to see how the sequences I have been working on are turning out. All it appears working..That cmb 24 video instruction suggested in another thread can't come fast enough for us newbies!! It was something so basic....ughhhh.   

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