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Looking for a 3GLightingCreations Exploding Star Picture


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Hello all,


I just bought a small exploding star from Michael over at 3GLightingCreations along with the appropriate lighting set.

However, It seems that I have a case of the "just don't get it".

There are 4 stars 12", 18", 24" and 30"  and 4 packs of lights (30, 50, 60 and 70 count strings) ....

 A little Jethro Bodine cipherin .. and you should end up with


12" star = 3 lights per leg

18" star = 5 lights per leg

24" star = 6 lights per leg

30" star = 7 lights per leg .. simple enough .. right ??


Well problem I am having is each of the M6 LED is 1-1/2"  tip to back ...

For example the 18" star needs 5 lights ... that would be 7-1/2" ... the leg is technically 7" with about 6-1/2" of open wire for a clip...


I have built more wireframes than I care to count ... but for the life of me I cant make this fit ..


So... I was hoping that someone had one of Michaels exploding stars.. wired up and ready to go and might have a picture of how they lit it up with M6 lights ...


Appreciate y'all reading all this and for any ideas or suggestions.




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Thank you very much for the pics... They helped get me going ..
I now understand the overlap your talking about. It turned out the outer 2 stars with 60 and 70 count strings were perfect ...
I think if I were writing the specs on the lights .. the inner star with 30 was a bit crowded but it did fit okay .. my big change would be on the second star. I would have gone with a 40 instead of a 50 count. I think it would have looked just as good, if not better, and would set up a little nicer ..
Anyway.. I wanted to say thanks .. and here is a dropbox link to my finished star. The only additional thing I did was to tie-wrap each of the bulbs. I saw in your pics where several had popped out.. Didn't want to see that when it was 20 feet in the air.


Thank you again ...

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