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How do I get a better dimming curve with CCFs?

Hank Hancock

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This year I'm adding 8 10W CCFs with the LOR CMB24D 24 channel controller. I've got it all wired up and working. However, I've noticed that the dimming curve for the CCF's is not what I expected. When watching them in a sequence I was noticing I wasn't getting gradual ramp-ups like I wanted.


Using the Hardware Utility, when I set a color (Red, Green, or Blue) to 1% the CCF lights up to something like 15% - 20% of full brightness. This happens on all eight of my CCFs on any channel of the controller so I know it's not an individual CCF or an individual channel on the controller.


Is there a way to set the dimming curve in the CMB24D controller to not have the CCF's go to 15% to 20% brightness at a 1% setting in the hardware utility (or S3 sequencer)?


Here's a short video clip of what I'm observing:



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