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Does anyone know how I can make a DMX based horizontal matrix for 12 ribbons. I have univ 2-5 with 3 ribbons per universe. Is this possible?

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It is possible to make it in the VIZ using the CCR Matrix Wizard.  If you are using CCR's then it is a cinch.  However, if you are using strips or nodes, then you have to get creative in the SE to get it to display right in the VIZ.


Here's how I did my pixel tree (basically a vertical matrix formed into to 180 deg tree).  I created a CCR tree using the wizard.  It is 12 CCR's with 50 pixels per CCR.  I then created 12 CCR channels in the SE and matched the unit #'s and network #'s with the VIZ.  In order to get everything to show correctly in the VIZ, I also created 600 RGB channels.  These RGB channels are the actual output channels for my pixel tree.  So when I sequence my tree in SS, it is exported out as 12 CCR's.  Then I copy those effects over to the "real" output channels.  The CCR channels are there only for the VIZ.  It's a long way to go, but I avoid the fixture limitations of the VIZ by doing it this way.


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Is there way way to create a pixel matrix using zig zag method in the visualizer? I did get a matrix built and in, but it requires that I would have to start #1 pixel in the top left and go down 25 pixels, then cut the pixel string and put on wire leads from the bottom of the first 25 pixels and attach the leads to the top next 25 pixels. I would have to do this to all the columns. My matrix is design with 24 columns of 25 pixel long. If I could figure out how to do the zig zag, I would have to do much splicing.




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