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(4) CTB16K's (Assembled) for sale

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I have 4 CTB16K's for sale.  I used them to run my 64 Channel  Megatree.  All 4 are currently in a weatherproof enclosure and have individual female cords already connected to all 64 channels.  This setup is ready to go for a 64 channel Mega tree, put the box under the tree, and plug your string of lights into the cords.  All the hard work is done already.


I am will to sell them alone if necessary.   Theses controllers were kits, but are fully assembled and work perfectly. 


PM or email me if interested. I can provide pictures, etc.



Scott Stachowski



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Controllers are still for sale.  $100 each + Shipping.  I will sell individually or sell the whole box with cables, controllers and all for $450.


Here is a few pics of the whole setup






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