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New project for Halloween


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Well my wife tolerates my Christmas OCD (Nutcracker, props, play in 5 bands/orchestras). She asked if i would make a prop for Halloween. She will be having a Halloween party. I said sure! (as if i dont have enough projects, but this will be fun). Excellent tutorial on making a 10' Jack Skellington.

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both heads are finished, they came out awesome!


6 layers of paper mache on top of a 20" beach ball.


paper mache solution was

3 cups flour

1 cup white glue

1 tbs corn starch.


after 6 layers, cut out eyes and removed ball. 


next 1/2" of paper clay.


paper clay is above paper mache mixture and then add

1 cup dry wall mud

shredded newspaper from Home Depot. It is used as insulation in attics.


when the paper clay dried, sanded down


The nose and mouth were made with Apoxie (epoxy sculpting material)


very, very nice,


Now, we are making the clothes and we are done.


It is pretty freaking strong too. Yesterday , at my daughters 23rd birthday party, the 9' jack fell over in my famil room. It landed on jacks face on the kitchen tile. Only damage was about 1/2" cracked paper clay around one eyebrow. So 9' drop onto cement, survived great. Didnt mean to do a drop test, but it is all repaired and repainted now.

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