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How can I make Pixel Strings look like Multicolor and then edit them ?


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I am replacing my strings of C9 bulbs around my front windows, doors and garage doors.  And I always had the C9 incandescent strings around those windows in a very consitent multicolor config.  I kept the colors on the C9 bulbs in the same order for all window/doors.  Now I am trying to get basically the same look with pixel bulbs mounted around the windows. 


I am trying to figure out how to perform manual multicolor sequencing with these new pixel bulbs.  I tried using a LOR Track to bring up all the channels needed to make the pixel bulbs look multicolor.  If you do it carefully then when all channels have the same sequencing it looks like multicolor.  And so far so good. 


I put all those channels into a single group for each window/door, and then I can collapse the group.  At this point I want to be able to edit all the channels in the group at the same time.  But I cannot find the right settings to do that. I keep just getting the first channel in the group .. not all of them.  I know I can sequence the one bulb channel at the top and then copy/paste it to all the other channels .. But that's such a pain. 


Are there specific settings that would let me edit all the channels inside the group at the same time ?

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Make sure the group is collapsed first. When editing the first row of a collapsed group, all cells in that column will be affected.


If the group is expanded, then it's business as usual.

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I'm doing sort of the same thing with some GE Color Effects bulbs on my eves. I am sequencing it in Superstar and I manually created a group of 7 scenes (one for each of 7 colors) with the selected pixels. Once I created those scenes, I did a copy and paste to where ever I wanted the static lights to be on. It was a bit of a pain to create the scenes in the first place, but once they were done, it's easy to use them elsewhere in a sequence. If I need a specific location in time to fade up or down, it's pretty easy to change them by changing the start or end color to black as a group modify.

Now in my case, I mad it a little harder in that I have 2 rows of the GECE bulbs that will be a couple inches apart, so I can cause them to "hop". Therefore I had to do 2 sets of 7 scenes - one for the lower row, and a second for the upper row that had to perfectly color match the lower row for each bulb. However, once created, it's easy to copy and paste to other parts of sequences.

In case you're wondering, I have about 120 GECE bulbs in each row...

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Hmmm ..  I will try some things tonight and report back.  I believe I was only sequencing with the Group Collapsed, but still only affecting the first channel.  I was wondering if something else in the Editing sections might be required. 


I appreciate the replies !  I'll let you know what happens tonight.

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