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I'm building mine today... Last minute.

I've taken a 12" x 12" Nema fiberglass box. ( was donated by a local electrical contractor- had a few holes which was easy to patch over, and it has a locking hinged cover.

Then I cut a sheet of OSB plywood to four pieces 2' wide and 3' tall.

I printed out a sign 2' wide that says "Donations" "To Charity" on two lines.

I used 3M spray mount adhesive to stick the sign on top of one of the sheets, then screwed a second piece to it. These will become the sides.

I took a drill bit the size of the mini-bulbs and drilled holes in a tight line along the letters, drilling through both sheets of OSB

I did the same with the third sheet, putting some arrows pointing down.

I painted the OSB black.

I bolted the NEMA box just below these arrows. Used a 1" hole saw about 8" apart, then used the skillsaw to cut between the holes.. This made a nice rounded slot.

I'm pressing the clear lights into the holes, and put a string inside the box for a little glow coming out of the slot.

Only thing I wish I'd done was change the letter spacing so the letters wouldn't have been so close.

I'm going to use a couple of 2x4's to brace the front piece that has the box attached, then corner braces for the sides. Haven't decided about the back piece, as I'll have to go empty box ....

I'll get pictures later onto our site- www.andrewschristmas.com

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We have had a donation box for 15 years. Our donations go to a different charity that we select each year, but it always involves the selection of an organization that benefits ill children.

As for the donation box, ours was so old we replaced it last year. I bought one of those vertical locking metal mail boxes from Home Depot that is intended to mount on the outside wall of the house. It is opened with a key in the top. There is a small wide slit in the top of the box where people can enter checks or cash.

I installed it to a 4x4 wooden post that fits into a metal stake in the ground (stake comes with the post). Each year we leave the stake in the ground and just mount the post in it (a 5 minute job).

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