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Anomaly in Visualizer with high unit ids


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DevMike or somebody  please look at this.         3.11.2 Advanced


Working on a config with a large number of CCRs and Aux network ids.


I found that some were lighting in the Visualizer when they were not supposed to.  There seems to be an overlap or crossed wires from Aux A to Aux B.

I deleted everything except the problem fixtures and posting here.  


The sequence has only a single CCR on Aux A unit 7F.  The .lee has two CCR fixtures  Aux A 7F works fine.  But also Aux B 1B lights at the same time. 

It just so happens that 7F and 1B are exactly 100 apart in Decimal.  A 7F -127 and B 1B - 27





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Thanks.  I'll have a look on Monday.  I'll bet you hit the nail on the head since I translate Net Unit and Circuit into a key and it appears that key may have incorrectly rolled over.

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