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Cant save network preferences


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I am using LOR S3 and trying to setup DMX on my system. This issue is not just related to DMX it started when I got my usb adapter for LOR. I plugged in the LOR adapter and the computer set it up to COMM 4.  Simple enough I go into network preferences and change to COMM 4 and should be finished.  Well it would not save it as COMM 4 no matter what I did so I ended up having to go into the hardware setup on the computer and manually change it to COMM 1 because LOR wouldn't change from COMM 1.  So now I am trying to setup this DMX.  I put the DMX adapter in its spot in network settings click the save button. And again it will not save no matter what I do.  Any ideas on what could be going on? This is happening on 2 different computers running the same LOR version and 2 different windows versions.  Im lost here.

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