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My LOR 16Ch Halloween from Last year.


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Hello everyone. I have the following 16ch Halloween sequences that I would be MORE than will to share. They do include MP3's as I have modified them all to fit. I would expect that anyone wishing to get a copy would already own a LEGAL copy of the song. This is such a GREAT hobby. Last year was my 1st year doing LOR and a few people were gracious enough to share some sequences with me- now I am paying it forward. Plz feel free to email me direct with 2013 Sequences in the subject. giga01452@gmail

Here is the list. 


Grim Ghost- Disney Haunted Mansion

The Fog- The main well known song

Adams Family Theme

Enter Sandman

Munsters theme

Boogie Man- Rob Zombie

Tales from the Crypt Theme

Ghost Busters

Sinners Inc- Rob Zombie

Halloween Theme

Time Warp- Song from Rocky Horror

Twilight Zone Theme


2013 Halloween Ending I made. Includes Silver Shamrock commercial from Halloween 3 and Vincent Price Outtake from Thriller Ending. I modified the end laugh to make if more CREEPY. 


I am in the process of working on about 20 new songs and reworking a few of these for my new show. I will post them when I have finalized them.  Happy Haunted Decorating. 

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I'll send you an email, but just in case it goes to your junk folder, I would love copies of what you have! Thanks!! tonybiviano@hotmail.com

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Would definately enjoy a copy of what you have put together, thanks in advance, Marc-Anthony


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I am a newbie, as of when my LOR package gets here in a few days and I would love to have whatever sequences you can send to me.

I just ordered the advance package with a number 2 for it so i will start with 48 channels to play with but I would definatly love to have what you can send me to help me learn with. 


Thank you very much in advance.... retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com

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I see this is old but I would love these to help get us started if they are available!  :)


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Hello: Here are links to my 13 & 14 Sequences. Feel free to use and abuse as I feel that no one should EVER have to pay for sequences. This is a hobby and a community of like minded individuals whom happen to be afflicted with the disease of Holiday decorating. As such we should all support each other in any way possible. 

Happy Decorating

Brian aka GiGa

Here are my 2013 and 2014.

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