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Limiting area for Smooth Effects


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I am writing my first sequence that will use Smooth Effects, and I have run into an issue that I hope there is an easy answer to...

I am using Visualization mode and the bottom 12 lines of the green grid is the 12 strings of my 12 x 50 pixel tree, and the next 6 lines of the grid above the tree is 6 arches each of which is 50 pixels. Above the arches are 9 more rows of other assorted stuff. I'm experimenting with the Smooth Effects Fan, but the same situation occurs on the other Smooth Effects

I want the Smooth Effects to be limited to pixel tree, but other than making the radius very small, the effect spills over onto the arches and the other stuff. If I only look at the pixel tree, setting the fan to have a radius of 25 and the center point at the center of the tree looks really cool (with of course the fan blades cut off on the sides of the tree). But what it does to the rest of the display makes it look very strange. Any help with this?

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Unfortunately, currently there is no setting to limit the area for the smooth effects. Something I should try to address in a future release.

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