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LOR Fourm Picture Attachment

Victor Degroot

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I'm new to LOR forums I cant seem to attach pictures to my posts or signature using this interface all it does every time I hit the attach image button is ask for a URL and then when I hit ok it freezes. I just thought I would be nice to be able to do that. Thanks! 

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Are you actually typing in an url for the picture?   Or are you just clicking on OK and not entering an URL?  


If you're not entering an URL, you should get a pop up box from the forum stating the URL is missing, click OK in that box, then click "CANCEL" in the image box asking for the url.  


If the pop up box isn't showing up, it may be off screen for some reason{were you using two monitors at one time and gone back to a single monitor?}, then, if that's the case, it will appear that the forum has locked up, when actually, it hasn't, you just aren't able to click "OK" in that popup box because it's not visible on your current monitor, which could be due to possibly screen resolution you're using, or as asked, you had used 2 monitors at one time and gone back to a single monitor could create such a scenario as this..


So if you're not typing in an url, just click the "Cancel" button in the image popup box and you should be back to the forum.  If you are typing an url,  then it should appear in the message box, if the url isn't correct, it will show up as a broken picture icon in the message.  But it should not lock up and make you think the forum has froze up.


Also note: If using Internet Explorer 11, there have been numerous issues with things not working correctly in it.  I had to switch over to Google Chrome because of all the problems I was having with I.E. 11.   So you may want to consider a different browser as well.

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In the upper left click on "light o rama forums",  click on a subject area,  Click on the "start a new topic" black button in the upper right. 

Fill in your request for information/ ask a question.  Welcome aboard and read all you can.



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