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      Hello I have an old Christmas light show system called the Gemmy Light Show and I wanted to try to connect it to my existing LOR controller using a cat5 cable. The Gemmy has 6 channels however it had 10 preprogramed songs and doesn't connect to a computer. I wanted to crack it open and try to get it to be controlled off of a Cat5 cable so that I can plug it into my existing controller. I'm 14 years old and have no idea how to do this kind of stuff, all I know are the locations of some to the main computer chips on the control board. Please tell me if you have any ideas or experience on this topic so I can see if it works. I know people have done this with another system very similar to the gemmy (Mr Christmas) so I know it can be done. THANKS!

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Hey Victor, I'll say that it is possible to do this. Given a formal schematic in-hand and almost a degree in electronic engineering, you could indeed accomplish this. Essentially you would be hacking out and re-wiring, probably adding a daughter-board to the existing to handle the communications and etc...But, the bottom line is more simple, it would cost you more in hardware and time, to make it happen therefore the cost would be huge. It would be cheaper to buy a controller that's already done. I do applaud you for thinking about it as its people like you, is where our Engineers come from and I encourage you to continue these ideas!

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