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Business Use of LED Ribbon?


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I have been a LOR user for years - using the regular 16 channel controllers.  I have a question to put some of my LOR knowledge to use for business reasons.


I want to make an LED scrolling marquee sign that I can program scrolling 'stuff' and then use it as a timer for racing events (running / biking) when needed.  The sign I am looking to build will be about 12 inches by 36 inches or so (guessing on dimensions at this time).  It will be used outdoors during daylight hours almost 100% of the time.  



1. Are these LED strips bright enough to see in daylight?

2. I know it can be done - I have seen practical uses of the strips on youtube before - but how do I program my marquee?

3. This is the biggest and most important question - can I use this as a timer to count up / count down in the Hour:minute:second format?  If so...how???


Kinda a newbie question - but I am looking to make practical use of a fun hobby I have learned over the last decade.





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