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'Pex'pert advice needed

George Simmons

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I've created what could be (but won't be) used as an arch using 1" white Pex and pixels.  How does Pex hold up exposed to UV?

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Supposedly, it has significant issues when used as plumbing exposed to uv light. A couple months a year of wintry sunlight is not really a big deal. It's not like you are relying on it for house plumbing.

I used some for arches last year, and they worked fantastic. They are in good condition and ready to go for a second year.

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I made about a dozen leaping lights with 3/4" PEX (pixel ribbons on the inside). Filled the ends with silicon and then sprayed the whole thing down with a clear UV protection spray, Krylon brand, I think.

Like jlowe said, a couple of months in the winter shouldn't be any problem, but I'm planning for the long run.  I also used my leaping lights in my 4th of July show and the UV is much higher of course.  Again, they were only out for a few weeks this summer.

A plumber friend of mine said that the PEX will get brittle when left out in the sun, so I decided to try this spray.  So far the spray didn't cause any yellowing and the PEX is holding up well.  I guess only time will tell.

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Three years ago, I bought a 100 foot roll, not realizing that I couldn't straighten it out.  The roll has been out in the Arizona sun all that time.  It is stained brown where it has been lying on the ground, but there is no sign of yellowing on the top side from the "cold" desert sun. 

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