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NEWB with some queations


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Hello all, 



My home is visible by a main road in the back and front and I would like to outline the whole house.


On the side of my house the shingles overlap about 3-4 inches so im not sure if i should run on the roof line and on the side or just the roof. Also on the peak of the house if i use pvc i can just run 2 strips angled down to the ground. let me know how you guys would take care of this 








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Most of us only have one side of our homes visable so in your case, more than one side...this gives potential. You've got the house and yard space to work with. Using RGB is easy to do but more expensive up front. Smart or Dumb RGB has different capabilities too depending on how you wish to control. Sort of depends on your checkbook. You could do props in the yard..., mini-trees lining the street, megatree(s). For example, you could do a huge megatree on the cement pad just behind the cars but for the show, the cars would be blocking the view. As I said, there's potential there...

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