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Vertical Fade on a Pixel Arch


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Hello all, I am relatively new to LOR. This is my first year with computer controlled lights and it's been fun working my way through all the things I need to understand. I have got my software controlling the lights and I have sequenced about half of my first song (2 minutes). I have an LOR AC controller and some DC pixel controllers.


I am trying to sequence an arch. Thought it might be nice to have the arch with low intensity on the outer edges ramping up to full intensity in the middle. Must be having a brain fade as I can't seem to be able to work it out.

I have 32 pixels in my arch. The way I see it I need to be say 20% intensity ay pixel 1 and 100% at pixel 16. This is in the same timing mark. I can ramp up intensity on one pixel with increasing time but I can't work out how to progressively increase the intensity on adjacent pixels within the same timing mark. I could do it manually I suppose but was hoping there was an easier option.

I am happy to use extra software if required. Tried looking in Nutcracker but couldn't seem to find what I was looking for there either. Happy to be corrected though.

I am using the latest version of S3 Advanced.


Here's hoping.


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Considering that I just did something similar today with 6 arches each with 50 CCPs, I might be able to shed some light. In SE, you pretty much have to do it manually. I did it in Superstar and it's a bit easier. BTW my vertical fade on an arch was colors rather than intensity, but the concept is pretty similar.

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Thanks Jim, I thought that may have been the case and I have done it manually in the meantime anyway. I was just hoping there could have been an easier way. I am planning on doind some colour vertical fades as well.


This leads me to my next question (still open for better options on question 1 as well). If I have created my vertical fades manually in increasing intensities of red. Is there an easy way to change the colour to green whils keeping the intensity settings. Or do I have to do it again manually for each colour.


Thanks again.

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