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why when I download a sequence someone has with music, and try to use it  always says no music, or I have trouble finding the sequence on my computer to try to load, can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or better yet the correct way to download a free sequence someone gives me, my first time using lor

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I always prefer to download everything to my Desktop so I can find it easy and then add to another folder later. So in my case, I download the sequence (and music-MP3) to my Desktop, click on the actual sequence (LMS file) located on my desktop, the sequencer opens with the sequence automatically visible,


To add the music choose Edit--> Media file (towards the bottom of the Edit menu) and then choose the location of the music you downloaded,(ie Desktop) and there you go, choose play form the menu and you should see the sequence play with the music

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Perhaps the smartest way is to put sequences into the LOR sequence directory and put music files into the LOR audio directory.  Both of these directories were created in whatever location you installed the software.  Those are the default location(s) where the software looks first for sequences and music.  If you make them YOUR default locations as well, there's no need to remember or look elsewhere for the files you need.

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