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A lot of hits on updates thread

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Yep, I'm so looking forward to the new updates. Can't wait to get my greedy paws on them. Thanks all at LOR. We're waiting patiently for the updates.

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I think Matt working for LOR is great for the LOR community (sucks for me, just kidding). When Matt talked to me about this possibility a few months ago, I told him "What is best for the lighting hobby?". Matt working this will give LOR users a better xlights, the UI will be better. 


Some points

LOR bought a one time copy of our code and will not be getting updates from us.

Enhancements Matt makes to LOR's xlights code will NOT come back into our xlights code tree.


There is a definite branching of the two. I will continue to develop xLights/Nutcracker over the coming years. LOR will do the same with their code.


I do think this means LOR users can expect something this year. You really got an amazing Programming talent when you have Matt working on your LOR stuff.


Dan, this is another indication to me how you do care about your user base. Best of luck to you all...



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This is great news. Definitely shows the commitment LOR (Dan) has to the future of our hobby. Cant wait to see what ever results we get this year.

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Adding Matt Brown will take things to the next level. I don't want to even touch my sequences until a newer version comes out. I could struggle with them now or wait and hope we see a new version with support for larger shows. I think I will wait. Great job LOR! To soon to ask how far out before the first new release lol?

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Viewing the comments above I feel that this is going to be a great year for LOR. Its to late for me to even think about a software upgrade this year. My sequences are almost completed !!! Next year my pixel count will triple in number and I hope LOR can handle it.

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It was more like Matt. Remember that xlIghts/Nutcracker was written by Matt in Nov 2012. I put my php Nutcracker on the shelf and came over and have enhanced the Nutcracker effects. 


Matt created xLights in 2010 to be a fast scheduler. Here is an indication of good architecture. Matt had no RGB in 2012, but his design f xLights has scaled from a few hundred channels to 50K channels today.


I think this next year will be very productive. I look forward to the new things Matt will create. While Matt is working for LOR he doesnt plan on working anything on XL/NC.


The team for XL/NC was

Matt Brown

Sean Meighan

Don Julien

Dan Kulp



Most of the releases lately have been Don and Myself. We have no plans of changing the direction of our open source code.



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