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Smooth Effects Mask?

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I am using SS in visualizer mode, with my 12 CCR tree on bottom, then above that is my 150 pixel CCP star, my 4 CCR arches, then my RGBW trees and floods.


Using the smooth effects to get the display I want on the CCR tree, I end up bleeding the smooth effects over into the other elements.


Is there a way to mask the elements that I don't desire the smooth effects to touch? What I do now is export two versions to SE, one with smooth effects, and the other with all the smooth effects deleted, then copy/paste whats needed in SE.

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Unfortunately there is not a way to mask the smooth effects. What you are doing now is probably the only way you can isolate the smooth effects.


Sorry about that, definitely a feature I could consider adding. But it won't happen until next year.

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