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anyone interested in sequencing a few songs for 96ch?


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i know its late to get started but im doing lor again this year and im going to 96ch and with building props and all that i doubt ill have much time to re do all my old stuff or new stuff as far as sequencing goes.....

pretty simple layout really 

Roof and ridge line in R, G, B leds

all 4 windows in R, G, B leds 

front door in R, G, B leds

4 light poles (1 ch each)

9 mini trees (all white 1 ch each)

9 snowflakes on roof  (all white 1 ch each)

12ch candy cane spinners ( both wired together but spin in reverse)

4 9ch arches with 70ct leds in each section

100 strobe lights all on the same channel


so if you are interested and have references please contact me if not i completely understand i may have to down size the set up for this year



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