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RGB Hoop and Arch Prop File Available


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I'm not sure why, but the channel dedicated to sharing visualizer prop files is locked. 





I made a 50 Pixel RGB Hoop prop file and a 25 pixel RGB Arch prop file if anyone wants it.  



I hope it helps you.      Give me a like if it works for you. 





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Thanks Bizywk....


FYI, here is the info in regards to the locked thread.....



I want to post my creation, but this thread is locked. How do I share?

You can not directly create a message in this thread. So here is how to get a fixture/prop into this sticky:

  • Create the fixture/prop and export it from the visualizer.
  • Post a new thread on this board and attach the fixture/prop.
  • Send me a PM to let me know you posted a new fixture/prop. I'll then merge your post with the prop/fixture into this sticky.

That way your name stays on the file, you get the credit you deserve, and I can keep the thread clean.




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