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30' mega tree height to strand length ratio?


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I know everyone is going to say research and search tool but I looked around here and it seemed that most were using 34' 100ct strands on 20' and less trees but I used a Mega Tree Calculator and I put in a

30' center pole height

15' base diameter

And it said I needed 31' string length that just doesn't seem right to me so thats why im asking

And opinions from anyone with a 30' tree on base sizes and string length and if I dont use a radio tower what is the other materials you use for your center poles?



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Go with the calculator. It's right.

I have a 30' mega tree using Rohn25 tower.

My diameter at the base is 18'

I'm using 33' strands from CDI and still have over a foot of lights leftover at the bottom.

For that height, I would go with a tower if you have windy, snowy, icey or severe weather.



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